International Women's Day: March 8th

8 March, 2017

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Unique Gift Open House

1 November, 2016

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Unique Gift Open House

Have you thought about the upcoming Holiday Season? Have you made your list? Come browse the Unique Gifts from local artisans & enjoy a tasty treat.... Read More

Christmas is Less than 100 Days Away!

6 October, 2016

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I know some of you will be annoyed when you read this title! How can we think of Christmas when the kids have just gotten back to school? There is so much to do before the cold weather arrives. As part of a farm family, I hear you. There is a lot of ...... Read More

There’s more to dreams than meets the eye!

28 September, 2016

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I recently felt compelled to head into Kingston to meet Douglas Gardham, the author of two great books. My main reason for leaving paradise, our home, on a sunny idyllic Saturday morning was this. The Globe and Mail wrote a feature article about Doug...... Read More

IPC Conference Takeaways and Dreams for Nova Scotia!

27 September, 2016

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So glad we attended the 20th anniversary of Investment Planning Counsel (IPC) conference, NO LIMITS, at Blue Mountain Village, Sept 11th to Sept 13th. It was truly a celebration of what IPC has accomplished over the years, and our plans for the future....... Read More

Summer Solstice: Meaning and Purpose

13 June, 2016

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We enjoy asking ourselves questions, provides us with the opportunity to stop, think, and reflect. The answers to the questions brings focus and awareness of what’s working in our lives and what’s isn’t working that we may want to change. Eileen Chadnick...... Read More

Seven Outstanding Lessons I Learned, Who I Learned it from:

10 June, 2016

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  At the RIA Conference in Toronto June 6-7th., 2016 1. Erika Karp Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Capital Inc., in New York City provided us with an entertaining (not easy to do in this business), thought provoking, illuminating talk on Accelerating ...... Read More

How to set your Children up for Financial Success?

1 June, 2016

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Financial success is one of those topics that has a different meaning for everyone. For me, Financial Success is very specific. It’s not just about having enough money but what I can do with it. First it needs to pay for my life-those regular costs of...... Read More

Setting our Intentions for 2016 - Year of the Monkey!

30 December, 2015

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My Year and the Best Year Ever! Written by: Betty-Anne Howard with help from Trevor Strong Rather than make a New Year’s Resolution, where you promise to do a single act-of self-improvement, we here at Making Dreams a Reality prefer to set intentions...... Read More

Do you have a vacation fund?

14 December, 2015

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It is only in the past few years that I have truly understood the value of a “Vacation Fund,” but now that I have I will continue to have one! I grew up, one of five children, on a family dairy farm in Eastern Ontario. My parents worked hard providing...... Read More